One Of My Poems.......

Poem "Turning Back".

My sadness body,
Who are you,
Where do you take me now,
I hope I get back,
Where I was created with love and life,
This life is a sick plant,
Ready to die at any moment,
Mom I prefer your insides,
Although they dont give me freedom,
They give me a hideout,
To think and cry,
Without you to listen,
Cause if you did,
You would be hurt as much as I am now,
Don´t tell me im lucky,
When I dont feel hapiness or affection,
I think its better to come back where I was made,
Too many years passed around here,
Every touch you give me now,
Can be love or can be hate,
Your selfish mind I can read,
I know every human is like that,
We just have to hide our hate and sadness,
Into our fragile structure,
So you felt the same way as I did,
Who knows?

By "Myself"

The Secret Of Stradivarious Violins Has Been Discovered

The chemistry is the key to the special sound from the violin made in the eighteenth century by the Italian Antonio Stradivarius, shows the latest edition of the British Journal Nature.

Among the various hypotheses to explain the peculiar sound of the instrument appeared one, according to which a special material would have been used in their manufacture.
Another hypothesis advanced indicated that the sunlight in the XVII and XVIII was lower, so that the trees grew less and its wood was more dense, which creates higher acoustical properties.
The study, conducted by experts at the University of Texas, in the United States, indicates that the wood used in these violins has been the subject of a chemical treatment in order to preserve the characteristics of the sound.
The oxidation and hydrolysis were the methods applied.
The research shows that the same chemical treatment was applied to Guarneri violins manufactured by the family of Cremona (Italy), which are considered almost as valuable as the Stradivarius.
To reach their conclusions, the researchers resorted to chips of wood withdrawals of five instruments that were being repaired.
We them a Stradivarius violin in 1717, a Stradivarius cello of 1731, a Guarnerius violin in 1741, another manufactured in Paris in the decade from 1840 by Ghent-Bernardel and a viola executed by Henry Jay in 1769, in London.
The comparison between the five instruments, was made through infrared spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance, showed that in the manufacture of violins, had been used chemical treatments, something that is not registered on instruments from Paris and London.

Do You Really Like Art?

I was on the internet and I saw this image and it amazed me.
Because it symbolizes art itself, as being something abstract, inovative, and sometimes shoking.
Shoking doesnt mean specificaly something bad, because despite of the fact that the image is a girl on her intimate,
the position of the girl is very expressive and represents several emotions.
For me this image essencialy represents tentation in an artistic way.
I cannot describe better in my own words.
What do you think?

Guns´N´Roses, Worse or Better With New Lineup?

Today, I will talk about a theme that a lot of you guys are familiar with and that is Guns N Roses and their Old and New Line-up.
In my opinion I think Axl Rose was always the boss of that band,which is normal he has that unique voice that brought Guns N Roses to the Top, but the one thing that I don't like at all in Axl is his personality.
One thing is hearing and be familiar with the Band´s music and other completely different thing is like them as persons and as artists, in my point of view,I think nowadays some people, caught the majority, for how it sounds, and they only care about if the music sounds good, and don't really pay attention to their meaning.
The majority of the lyrics from Guns N Roses, are more to rock, but I prefer to say that they are classics and they have soul on its own way.
Guns don´t produce an Studio Album since 1993, and the main reason for that fact is the conflict that happened with Axl and their band members.
I admit a Axl has a good voice, like I said before, but I think he is the kind of guy, who thinks he is the best and has a huge ego.
I always thought sooner or later Guns N Roses would split up because, for example Slash and Axl, are two completely different musicians, in terms of character.
But I think due to the fact that I mentioned, that Axl is the front man of the band, makes him the guy who has the knife and cheese in hands, if you know what I mean.
And I think it´s a little bit weird that every member left the band.
It´s usual in bands one guy leaves not the whole team, and this one proves that the relation between the band members with Axl was very complicated.
I think Axl´s only worrie, was to maintain Guns N Roses, and the popularity that was already created.
A while after the departure of the original members, Guns N Roses reborn with a new line up of musicians carefully choosed by Axl.
I think Guns N Roses new line-up has good musicians no doubt about that, but do they really had the fire of the previously members? I dont think so.
They can make all the shows that they want, and play the music just for Axl to sing, but they will never have what is needed.
I think they should rename the band and call them Axl´s Band, or something else, but not Guns N Roses, and if Axl had respect for the other members he would ended the band,
and started one all over again, with those guys that are at the moment in the band, cause Guns N Roses are a Whole, not a Individual.
They can make other record, I hope that is great, but It´s not a Guns N Roses album, is a Axl Rose Album.
Opinions can divide, like I heard once that new members would bring new qualities to the band, but I don't agree, I prefer the Classic Old School Members.
And to finish I think its a little bit stupid, that Axl is being working on an Album since 1994 and the follow release date should be in 2012, I don't know what is his idea, but it´s not normal an artist be working in an album for 18 years, but that's cool, lets wait to see how it sounds like after so many time working on it.

"Myself" Top 10 Grunge

Just a Top 10 about my Taste in Grunge Genre.

1.Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit

2.Alice In Chains-Would

3.Stone Temple Pilots-Plush

4.Pearl Jam-Jeremy

5.L7-Pretend We´re Dead

6.Soundgarden-Black Hole Sun

7.Temple of the Dog-Hungerstrike

8.Nirvana-Heart-Shaped Box

9.Stone Temple Pilots-Creep

10.Smashing Pumpkins-Today

Hope You Liked My Grunge Selection!

Amy Winehouse in Time for Grammy´s?


Amy Winnehouse is nominated for 6 Grammys, and i think she is one of the best female vocalists, cause for me music is all about heart and soul.
She has recently admitted that she is consuming drugs, but she admitted also that she is not taking as much as she used to take, and that will determine her presence in the Grammys, cause she has to be clean in order enter in the U.S. territory.
She is an unbelievable singer, and I am praying for her to get clean in time, to receive the Grammys.

Wes Borland Personal Opinion and Black Light Burns New Album "Cruel Melody"


Today, I´m talking about of one of my favorite and greatest artists.
His appearance, his style, his guitar riffs, his musical concepts makes me astonished everytime it´s experienced.
Wes as we all know, she is former Limp Bizkit guitarist, and the main reason he left the and was due to the musical differences.
I´ll explain, Wes state of art in music is completely different from the other guys in Limp Bizkit, specially Fred Durst.
Fred Durst can have all the money in the world, but what he is doing to the music is a crime, he prepackaging music, his main goal is selling and only make money.
I know a lot of people like Fred Durst, and i don't blame them for that, I think everyone should be free to make their musical choices, but for me he is not an artist.
After Wes left Limp Bizkit for the second time, he started to working on his new album "Cruel Melody", with his new band Black Light Burns and at that time, when their album was still in progress, in an interview he stated that this album was the most exitinting thing he had ever done, and that the songs were not too avangardist, they were well structured songs.
With this interview, at that time just made me feel so ancious, cause i just wanted to listen the album right there.
When the album came out, I really enjoyed the songs, and it´s something completely new that enjoyed listening too.
Tell me what you think about Wes Borland, and leave a comment with your opinion.

The Music Video from Black Light Burns "Lie".